Our oysters are harvested from the gulf of mexico in the bays of Texas and Louisiana. Prestige oysters are offered; Fresh, shucked, High pressure processed and Frozen on the half shell.
Fresh oysters are inspected upon arrival at docks, then undergo a washing process where product is then hand picked for packaging.
Shucked oysters. Fresh oysters are shucked using our HPP method, which opens the oyster without damaging the meat. The meat is washed and graded upon packing. Traditional hand shucked oyster meat is also available upon request.

Hand Picked

Fresh oysters are hand picked and washed, then high pressure processed, allowing for easy and quick shucking. Each oyster is individual banded locking in the flavor and extending the shelf-life to 21 days from the date of process.


  • 100% meat separation from shell

  • Easy and quick shucking¬†

  • ¬†Increase in shelf life

  • Elimination of food-borne pathogens