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Our Process - Quintus 350L

Quintus 350L is the latest High Pressure Machine from Avure technology. Our Quintus 350L High Pressure Process machine from Avure Technology is capable of treating (reducing the Vibrio vulnificus and vibrio paraheamolyticus to non-detectable levels) and shucking oysters.

High Pressure Processing of Seafood

Modern seafood processors are experiencing dramatic benefits through the usage of High Pressure Processing (HPP) to enhance product offerings and expand market opportunities.  High pressure procesing can achieve clean, virtually 100% meat separation from lobsters, oysters, clams, and other fresh products by denaturing the specific protein that holds the meat to the shell. HPP allows maximum product yield without causing any mechanical damage to the product regardless of size. By adjusting processing conditions, beneficial texture changes can also be created by improving the moisture retention ability of proteins, thus resulting is less water loss during storage or cooking. The use of HPP is only limited by your imagination.

HPP technology is recognized by the FDA, USDA, and international food safety agencies.

High pressure processing benefits include:

  • 100% meat separation from shell
  • 125% or more yield
  • Increased productivity and lower labor costs
  • Double or more increase in shelf life
  • Elimination of food-borne pathogens

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